Michal Mahgerefteh's Two Poems "Destiny" and "Study"

Michal Mahgerefteh is a poet and artist from Israel, living in Virginia since 1986.

She is the author of four poetry chapbooks, the managing editor of Poetica Magazine

and Mizmor Anthology. In 2022, Michal is planning to release two chapbooks:

FishMoon, and The Rising Song.






We stop for a quick break at Mount Arbel’s overlook,

the Sea of Galilee visible on the horizon; azure fresh-

water lake where *Shuah stood by rocks and reeds.


“Here is where he created miracles,” Abba explains

(another biblical character stimulating his imagination).


I stand with mouth tightly clinched. “You should thank

him,” he continues with sheer admiration. “Shuah was

the first rabbi to recognize women as equals.” He forgets

our long talks about the mitzvah obligation of multiplying.


(*Shuah - Jesus)







After *Shacharit prayer on top of Masada fortress,

we drove in Abba’s battered Vespa scooter down

the Aravah Valley toward the old city of Jericho.


I sat in the sidecar, playing with the flowing

tassels of his tallit, watching the Moab Mountains

shading pools of pink and purple onto the Dead Sea.


He held my hand as we walked along the youngest

body of water, not a ripple on the glossy surface,

just points sparkling like crystals on salty formations.


Abba recalled the importance of this land, “Turks

and Bedouin early history still stirs the prosaic shore,

gives voice to the past. Study, trace your roots.” 


(*Shacharit - morning prayer)

© 2022 Michal Mahgerefteh



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